Into the Future


A trip only for the ready and powerful ones.
For there, the unknown is faced
And many shaking feet stumble away.

From where stood I, I took a peep.
On toe tip went I along the way to behold,
Hands grabbing the edge of the boundary.

For I only sought to see and not be there,
For time was just not yet ready for me…
Only did I want to see into the future from where stood I.

The future looked so beautiful from afar,
And the cool blew across my face and damp hair.
The brightness almost blinded my still white eyes.

I looked and marveled at the sight;
My hands almost let go and I felt the pull from within,
But it was not just yet time for me.

Many had gone before their time but got tossed back,
For they were so unprepared for what the future held.
But I will only look from here and await the future.

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Juliet Adeniran

Juliet ADENIRAN (Yuliya Juliet) is a Mass Communication student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko. She is a writer and "a poet" as people will call her, for she has a unique way in commanding her pen and language.

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