Learn from Animals


All creatures on earth stand out to one dynamism or the other. God created us all as a sign to reveal his greatness and for us as humans to learn from one another and from other living being, even plants.

Statistically, animals population on earth seems to double if not more than that of the human race. Though, some of these animals existence are still unknown up till this moment. Interactively, human beings have attitudes, values, characters and thinking capabilities that distinguish them from one another, so does animals as well.

Although, God has made the human thinking, values and morals as more superior over that of animals, but nevertheless, learning is a continuous process to which we keep learning from experience and research, driven at any specific adventure. So far we still want to capture our purpose and essence in the world–life.

Probing to the animal world which I’ve found worthy of acknowledging some special citations of the nature, a goat, sheep, cat and snake’s nature. Learning from their distinctive waves of nature will drive one up above set expectations in life.

Here are the transformative lessons to learn from few selected animals:

1. Resentless in driving at ones purpose in life.
I’ve never seen an animal so stubborn like a goat. Tell me one and I shall reveal to you that a goat will at all means finds it way to close up its purposeful mission. Even while still being chased by different harmful mechanism, its sense of doggedness will always drive it to its set goals or agenda.
Why must you relent when there are still clear chances for you to pursue your dreams? Strive on, prepare a solid channel like a goat would. Be purposeful, even when possessed.

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2. Secure your relationship and maintain a good company.
Look closely at the life style of sheep in company of others and you will notice vividly that sheep often do not walk alone. They instinctly surround themselves along with their counterpart. This is the only reason why you can easily locate their whereabout when you know exactly their company.
In essence, surround yourself with people of positive thoughts, people of greatest value and morals, people with the same DRIVE and dreams as yours. You are a writer, follow up with experienced writer. You are a lawyer, why not upgrade your practice with associating yourself with best practices of co-lawyers.
Secure your mind, secure your inner thinking, secure your purpose, but remember to protect your dignity along.

3. Be simple, straight and admiring.
Make your life so simple, straight and admiring like the life of a cat…. When you sit besides a cat, it will try to smell your fragrance, play with you, swings around you and the likes.
Don’t ever discriminate as cat do not discriminate against any human race. Discrimination kills, results to loss of opportunities, blindness in seeing beauty of humanity and depreciation of human value.

4. Mind not hates nor oppression.
Take up leadership roles and responsibilities no matter where and how criticism comes. Hates and criticism kill, if only you allow your inner self to despair. Verily, when your expectations are granted and at its peak, two camps are always in those who are for you and those against you.
So much desire of those against you is your downfall. Your mathematical depreciation in values and existence mounts on some undefined slope among others.

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Never be carried away by their noise and by their hit of entomb for surely you are the SNAKE. what do humans fear most in a snake? How and why? The snake head is undoubtedly an object of distress, an object of despair, a terrifying object or veneration to human, so does the HEAD i.e A LEADER. …. As the Head, keep hitting it hard — your purposeful mission, your clear vision and your set goals.
However, people must hate, but don’t try to be fake not even leaving a gaze at their chase.