Life & Struggle: Cradle To Grave


In life, human beings are born to struggle to survive. This is very much analogous to Frederick Douglas’s statement, where he said: “If there is no Struggle, there is no progress.” Human struggle commences even at the very initial stage of his embryonic development. Research has it that millions of sperm cells are released by a man during ejaculation. However, only one will get to the destination and the journey of others will be painted inefficacious – this is a competition. Man has to compete and win to gain a life. After gaining the life, the genesis of his earthly struggle is unleashed.

From cradle, life begins with unconsciousness. At the early stage, a child has to crawl in dirt and fall countless times before he can stand firmly to walk. Moreover, a child will have to babble myriad of gibberish for a period of time before he can make sensible utterances.

When a man becomes a man, he begins to run after life. This is where another journey of struggle surfaces. Life itself is full of untold sparkling treasures. However, none of them can be acquired without sweat. To secure a living, man keeps hunting for food, money, love, position, success, among other things. Out of those unlimited wants of human, money stands out as one of the cardinal or key targets. You will hear many people say that without money one is like a living corpse. Now, this is where the problem comes from. Some people want to have the money at all cost – forgetting their destiny. To achieve their aim, they make way for evil. There are some who already have the money to a reasonable level yet they yearn for more, without putting the destitute into consideration. Nevertheless, we still have some people who believe in destiny and ready to be satiated with the little they have.

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Everybody cannot have the same perception, even twins may not as well. Thus, life is a multiple way traffic. Even at that, for one to get a line on whichever way he chooses, he has to compete and strive not to be left behind. Struggle is a physical effort, to achieve is by God’s will. Hence, one thing is certain: what will be will be.

Throughout the journey, death is always around the corner. Man intends to get everything he desires before his demise, but death will come without prior notice to capture him. Then, the journey of life ends when man is swallowed by the grave.