The lives that got lost in the country;
The hopes, the dreams, the plans and
The future of a better generation.
The wishes of a good nation.
While we watched in horror,
In pain and deep sorrow
Of many lives wasted, slained and lost,
In the little protest—a battle for rights.
Their youthful lives wasted away.
The lights in their eyes faded away,
Their hearts, so full of hopes and dreams
But, the pains ate away their soul.
Their blood painted the flag red,
As we watched them bled and cried,
And now they rest in their slumbers,
Not again to be worried or be sad.
Let us not forget their names and deeds,
Every soul counts, no matter what,
Let us honor our young men and women,
Who left and never again to be seen.
Their fights, the struggles should never-
Be in vain, as their voices, cries and agonies
Will do well to keep us awake at nights.
Let us remember those who fought,
Who are gone, who left, who died just-
So a change can be.
Remember that friend, brother, that dear sister,
The old woman, who got lost and that poor man.
Let us remember still those lost souls,
Their impacts and memories should be…


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