Nightmare {POEM}


My past appeared vanished
– no starting point…
As though I’d lost my memory,
yet in my seemingly full sensation.
I saw the world and her beauty;
the outlook that ordered me no cost,
playing with me like a breathing moonlight.
I was insentient: it was a mirage.
I wanted what I saw;
I wanted all the living beauties,
If I could command them to be mine.
Like my blood
my avidity was inside my flesh.
Very fast it was lost,
When everywhere turned to a scary place,
as the living beauties became ogres.
From nowhere emerged monstrous creatures.
Then, I was captured by fear
’cause I was the frailest creature,
and I couldn’t control what I had.
For I was in the second world,
where only my soul could go
and never my body.
To the real world I got back myself.
So, it was a nightmare
that had accompanied my night.


© Abdulsamad JIMOH

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