No Illness For The Rich?


Their pockets are full of gold…
Some shining little silvers
With a mouth shaped by cold…
Control at the tip of their fingers.

Should such rare gems get ill?
Most treasured piece in the society!
Should any sort of stain stay?
Why aren’t they refined gingerly?

The world waits on them each day.
Why then do they visit the antibiotic home?
Never should that be a place for them
To say “No illness for the rich”.

Yes! Even the mighty folks get ill.
Why can’t health be bought at a price?
Yet, they suffer from it like others
To say “The rich get sick”.


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Juliet Adeniran

Juliet ADENIRAN (Yuliya Juliet) is a Mass Communication student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko. She is a writer and "a poet" as people will call her, for she has a unique way in commanding her pen and language.

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