Osere Youth Movement (OYM): Are We At The Start Or Already There Or Projecting What The Future Holds?


I’m writing this from the depth of my saddened heart on the happenings around a community youth wing—an association that brings together defined youth of my dear community.

History will never forget the advent of correlation concession. What we had in the 80s and 90s of the youth sphere of the community was an undefeated impact that later consciously created an awareness and further intensified to what is now known as the OSERE YOUTH MOVEMENT (OYM).

Right from the early 2000 till around 2010 there were competent youths capable in all capacities who could pilot the affairs of the structures that made up the association. They were able to incorporate moral, social and political values in the community spheres and its structures.

Without much flash and/or reflash back to the antecedents of the association, this however seeks to draw the notice to the varying degree of malpractices, mismanagement, barbaric or misguided principles and uncivilized styles that have surrounded the association and its activities under today’s sun.

It should be noted that part of what is quintessential is to bridge or fill the gaps between accountability and impunity. Some of the important objectives of the association include; youth inclusiveness, resources mobilization and purposeful resources utilization, intelligent rating and appreciation, leadership driven letters to the young generation and re-establishing moral and religious principles.

It is unfortunate however to note that several attempts were made by my personal self and an associate to direct or call the attention of the executive members of the association to:

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(I) appreciating Intellectual success and effort as well as academic achievements; and

(II) inculcating moral and religious doctrines in our young folks.

However, all these attempts proved futile as they were discarded and ignored.

At this juncture, it is therefore essential to address the fact that the community produced her first youth graduate, a product of the Better by Far University, University of Ilorin, with a First Class Honour and remarkably, a female gender. This was indeed impressive, but to the association, it went unnoticed, leaving no pace for encouragement and pulling more academic efforts at work to attain more height.

Another interesting point, yet disheartening to note is that the community being a centre of Arabic Educational Excellence has never on record organized a Quran competition across all Arabic and Islamic Learning Centres that surround the community and far beyond its environ. Not only that they do not pay attention to these but also that no conference, seminar, sensitization or awareness programme has ever been staged in the history majorly to address the recent activities of the association.

There are many more joints of shortcoming that need urgent fracture. But nevertheless, as a writer and critic of social imbalances, I and many others have, as a matter of love and patriotism, find it imperative to narrowly challenge the no efficiency policy adopted by the prior and current administrations of the movement in question.

This effort is geared towards wakening our activeness, not to devalue or attack the actors in course. My believe ultimately centres on the group, that efficiency comes only when all hands are on deck.

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Meaningly, it is high time we gave room for purity, advancement and development for this would unveil the potential in us and as well integrate our heart as sons and daughters and as brethren of Osere community.


—Abdulqudus Olansile Ibrahim


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