‘The Hidden Truth’ (Synopsis)

THE HIDDEN TRUTH is a work of Fiction. Read its synopsis…

Misan is a final year student in Kogi State University, Anyigba. He is a bright student and he comes from an average home. He is sponsored in school by his struggling mother, Ronke, a widow. He resides in an off-campus apartment with Kingsley who is a son of an affluent business man known as Chief Ayiri. Unlike Misan, Kingsley is not a brilliant student and he is very slothful.

One day, Misan gets to the apartment and finds Kingsley in the toilet dead. This is astonishing! Who is the murderer? This question continues to run through Misan’s head and he becomes discombobulated. Policemen get to the scene and investigation commences. A post-mortem examination reveals that Kingsley is stifled to death.

When Chief Ayiri arrives, he puts the blame on Misan. Although, Misan knows nothing about Kingsley’s murder, he’s scared as he is considered as a suspect and he is not sure of what will be the outcome of the investigation. His mother and sister find it difficult to hold their tears when they get to police custody to see him but he tried as much as possible to behave like a man.

Eventually, the faces of the real felons are revealed to the world and Misan himself is surprised to know the culprits and the fact behind their actions.

More facts keep coming and Chief Ayiri soon gets himself into a serious predicament. A predicament that overwhelms the rich man and totally takes him down for he reaps what he sows.

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But things do not stop there. Misan and Chief Ayiri, between the two is an unimaginable connection which is hidden – this is indeed the hidden truth which seems unbelievable.

This is an interesting story you will definitely enjoy. Sit back and enjoy it as we bring you the episodes one after the other.